Disability-Inclusive SDGs and Aid Effectiveness

There is an overwhelming flow of information on disability inclusion in the world today, many conventions held, concepts developed and academic papers published. Usually, we find ourselves in a labyrinth of information not knowing where to start and how to maneuver through it all. The need therefore is for a cohesive, simple, objective, user-friendly and practical methodology to bridge the inclusion gap. The “methodology” should be able to objectively identify the current state of disability inclusion in any given setting. Recommendations in the form of a series of training, consultation and actions should be presented to attain the acceptable level of inclusion. The recommendations for Inclusion are to be instilled through consensus based approach and move away from “one size fits all” approach.

The inclusion into mainstream will only be possible once the support of the fundamental multi lateral organizations has been obtained. The “methodology” is to be developed as a set of guidelines, solutions and accepted standards. These guidelines are to be tested, recognized and accredited by the state or global institutions.

The disability groups in local settings are empowered to enforce and monitor the disability inclusion standards creating a participatory approach. The program pays for itself through the services offered while the quality is upheld by the fundamental organization.

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