Think positive

Pro-active strategies employed by certain Canadian organizations are commendable in their journey towards inclusion of diversity. It is always the general attitude of the citizens of a community that has the ability to make or break the essence of positive change.

It is necessary that all stakeholders understand that a community progresses BECAUSE of diversity and not DESPITE of the differences between its citizens.

Diversity should be taken seriously, not just limited to rhetoric policies that are not enforced or monitored. Is you company/organization about lip service or serious about diversity?

Let’s embrace, practice and celebrate diversity!

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The road may be long but the direction is right

Inclusion for all!

It is encouraging to see that many developing countries have taken steps in the right direction when it comes to social protection and inclusion.

Ethically, socially, ecologically and economically sustainable development can only be achieved if human rights, social well-being and health are taken into account in all policies. This is the key message of the Finnish Delegation to the 51st session to the United Nations Commission for Social Development (CSocD) that starts tomorrow.

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Nature is, why aren’t we?

All natural disasters are inclusive.

Check this out the Inclusive typhoon

Shouldn’t our emergency mitigation, preparedness and management plans include disability?

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My point exactly

Thank you for this beautifully written article in the Globe and Mail.

Read on…

Global Citizen

Kudos to all great Canadian/Global citizens such as Steven Hoffman!

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Don’t overlook valuable market share

About 15% of global population has a disability WHO World report on disability

Is your business willing to ignore the valuable market share of 15% of the global population?

Be the catalyst and tap this niche with billions of dollars of spending capacity.

Just be accessible!

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Us vs. rest of the world

Are we citizens of the ‘New World’ cut off from the rest of the world? Are we arrogantly thinking that we can isolate ourselves from what is going on in the rest of the world and get by? Will our success continue for long? Are we becoming weaker while the other nations build resilience?

Only if we can think with a fresh mind of the young lady that I know extremely well, who says;

In my hastily formed opinion, we didn’t hold a candle to the rest of the world in terms of ‘needing’. I went so far as to get a little bit annoyed when businesses asked for funds to send kids to sport programs, or the other businesses tried to send inner city kids to camp. What was a little after-school boredom among some kids, I told myself, when other children are bed-ridden all their lives because of lack of funds for a drop on the tongue that would provide them with lifelong immunity from polio? Why were we paying to send kids to summer camp, I questioned, when some kids can’t afford school, and are sold into child labor or prostitution instead? Where were the priorities here?

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Who’s reality?

Take for an example, a child who has just lost the parents. Think now – What if this child was a child with a disability? Who’s more likely to find foster care?

A man has difficulty accessing healthcare services. Another man who has a disability has difficulty accessing healthcare services. Who’s more disadvantaged?

A women getting home after night shift is vulnerable to sexual assault. What if this woman has a disability? Woman with the disability is twice as more likely be sexually assaulted?

Who’s reality is this?

Include Disability!

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